the trouble with gibles! collection site

Welcome to The Trouble with Gibles!

'Oh the trouble with gibles
When you give them a nibble
Of rocks or some rubble
You'll soon be in trouble
For their incling for food is only sated a little!'

Welcome! Stay a while, and listen!
(yes I play too much diablo shhh)

This site is dedicated to exhibiting my personal pokemon collection. Specialising in merchandise featuring the pokemon Gible, my aim is to collect every single piece of gible merchandise available. Trading cards, stickers, figures, sheets of paper, you name it: If I don't have it, I want it. The journey is a long and hard one, but as the cheesy writers of the dubbed pokemon anime series say: I WILL NEVER GIVE UP I WILL BE THE MASTAAAAAAA YEEEEAH

...or something along those lines.

Enjoy your stay anyways, and thanks for popping by :D