the trouble with gibles! collection site

I am a a woman in her early twenties who just never managed to grow up. I love video games, pokemon and comic books, as well as sci-fi movies (hence the title of the site!)

I like in the UK, drink lots of tea and other stereotypical things english people do (IT'S NOT FRIES IT'S CHIPS SERIOUSLY)

I always love meeting new people and discovering new trinkets and things I don't know about or own, which is probably why I love collecting things I suppose!

I've been a pokemon fan since 1996, when my dad's comic book drawing friend in japan (nicknamed Spug) bought back some pictures of pokemon he'd drawn and sent a letter talking about the games and the effect they'd had over there. I fell in love and have been a fan ever since!

I am also an artist and my specialty is dragons, monsters and creature design :)